Jeff Wragg's Skydiving History

Currently 2410 jumps.

My first jump was 17 March 1973 at Jump West Parachute Center, Star, Idaho from a Cessna-180 using a military surplus 28 foot canopy and a chest mount 24 foot reserve with a Sentinal AAD. My instructor was Mike Winston (D-2813), and the jumpmaster was Wallee Lange. My last jump was on 6 March 2010, with my teammates from Tesseract, and other friends, at Sebastian, FL, from 13,500 feet out of a Twin Otter.

About to land under my Pilot 168 canopy in Raeford, NC.
Photo: Marie Rudd.
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  • Aircraft I've Jumped
  • Main Canopies
  • Places I've Jumped
  • Teams I've jumped on
  • Rigs I've Owned
  • Licenses, Wings, etc.
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  • Licenses, Wings, Awards, etc.
    USPA Falcon and Double Falcon Award
    USPA Eagle Award
    Gold Wings (#1191) & Diamond Wings (#2363)
    12-hour (#367) & 24-hour (#2126) FreeFall badges
    National Champion, 4-way, 1978, 1979
    FAA Master Parachute Rigger
    USPA Ram Air Rigger Certificate

    YearJumps Net
    1973120 120
    1974 230350
    1975 200550
    1976 334884
    1983 161457
    1985 231485
    Aircraft JumpedJumps
    Cherokee 61
    Piper Cub2
    Beech AT-11246
    Beech D-1831
    Pilatus Porter28
    Twin Otter398
    Kudu (in South Africa)10
    Nord Atlas (in France)14
    DH Heron 2
    Caravan (Grand and regular)129
    C-130 Hercules5
    Twin Bonanza3
    King Air235
    PAC 750XL37
    Tiger Moth (biplane)3
    1928 Travelaire 4000 (biplane)1
    Alouette II (Helicopter)1
    Robinson R44 (Helicopter)1
    Places I've Jumped
    Star, ID
    Baker, OR
    Nampa, Caldwell, Sun Valley, Emmett, Kuna, ID
    Alta, UT
    Cascade, Challis, ID
    Albion, WA
    Athol, Strawberry Glenn, Mt. Home, ID
    Pope Valley, CA
    Eagle, Mt. Home AFB, ID
    Richland, WA
    Henley Aerodrome, ID
    Cheney, WA
    Coeur d'Alene, ID
    Sheridan, OR
    Deer Park, WA
    Floating Feather, Boise, Bonners Ferry, Sandpoint, ID
    Kalispell, MT
    Ft. Lewis, Puyallup, WA
    Oudtshoorn, South Africa
    The World Cup, 1976
    Pullman, Issaquah, WA
    Orofino, ID
    Richmond, IN
    the '78, '79 Nationals
    Tecumseh, MI
    La Ferte Gaucher, France
    Chateauroux, France
    The World Meet, 1979
    Moscow, ID
    Burns, OR
    Belfast, Norridgewock, ME
    Albany, NY
    The Herd - wherever that was in 1983
    Moberly, MO
    Freeport, IL - Freakbrothers!
    Spokane, WA
    Cuba, Jonesburg, MO
    Muskogee, OK
    Quincy, IL - WFFC!
    Lexington, MO
    Sparta, IL
    St. George, SC
    Lost Prairie, MT
    Raeford, Louisburg, NC
    Titusville, Lake Wales, FL
    Chester, SC
    Zephyrhills, FL
    Suffolk, VA
    Summerville, SC
    Sebastian, FL
    Special Jumps
    5 Static Line jumps
    2 Tandem Passenger jumps
    17 night jumps
    1 naked, competition jump (10-way speed)
    2 water jumps one into a swimming pool
    in Sun Valley, Idaho. New Year's Day, 1975
    3 reserve rides, 1 due to inadvertent CRW
    with Pete Hill under ParaCommanders
    1st complete 10-way: jump#239
    28 June 1974, Star, ID
    1st complete 20-way: jump#440
    13 July 1975, Athol, ID
    2 CRW (canopy relative work) jumps, June 1977
    1st complete 30-way: jump#1481, out of a DC-3
    Sept 1985, Demo into Spokane Int'l Airport
    36-way diamond out of a DC-3,
    jump #1496, July 1986, Muskogee, OK
    Biggest Completion: 48-way
    out of 2 Casas, 2 Nov 2003, Chester, SC
    Ickymessajelly: 4-way, 1974
    Devil Babies: 4-way
    Represented US at 1976 World Cup
    in South Africa, 3rd place
    Baby Up: 8-way, at the World Cup in 1976
    Tesseract: 4-way National Champions 1978, 1979
    Represented US at 1979 World Championships
    in Chateauroux, France
    IntraVenous: 8-way, 1978
    Critical Mass: 4-way, 2001-4
    Gravity Bomb: 10-way, 2002-2004


    Main CanopiesJumps
    28-foot surplus95
    yes, it's me about to
    land in the pool
    30-foot lopo1
    Starlite (May 1975)27
    Rounds (total)430
    ParaPlane Cloud1
    Strato Star (July 1975), ropes and rings456
    Strato Flyer43
    Cruisair (July 1979)77
    Cruiselite XL34
    ParaFlite 270 prototype1
    Manta 2307
    Manta 2601
    Spectre 190593
    Sabre II 1706
    Sabre II 1903
    Pilot 168198
    Pilot 2104
    I built about 40-50 main canopies I think. The first few were copies of existing canopies, just to figure out construction methods. Then I started playing with the designs. My most extreme canopy was the one we dubbed the "Stealth." I jumped it once, the day Mt. St. Helens blew up. The ash cloud was closing in on us. About 160 sqft 5-cell. Great opening, great landing. Sold it to John Culler who put a few hundred jumps on it. Among other things, it had a double-humped airfoil. Never malfunctioned.
    Homebuilt MainsJumps
    7-cell 189 foil (Feb 1977)36
    5-cell Flyer43
    6-cell Flyer
    at the 1978 Nationals
    7-cell custom143
    7-cell Flyer1
    Stealth (5-cell, bi-modal)1
    7-cell, 22565
    8-cell 24565
    Cook 2801
    Cook 7-cell10
    Rigs I've Owned
    military surplus conventional
    Crossbow Piggyback
    $200 included 28-foot main
    and 24-foot reserve
    Guardian Piggyback
    $260 in April 1974
    Top Secret
    Wonderhog (July 1979)
    Paraflite Swift (Aug 1983)
    Infinity (Mar 2001)
    Mirage G3 (June 2007)

    Team Tesseract - 2010
    Tesseract, in 2010, our 30-year reunion. L-R, Tim Florea, Brad Dunkin, Jeff Wragg, John Culler.
    Jumping at Sebastian, FL. Photo: Troy Griffin.

    Photo Album

    Conventional Rig, jump#63, Aug '73, Star, ID. Me in conventional gear, 28' surplus 5-TU main, 24' reserve. Photo: Crazy Ed Pancoast
    Watermelon dive, jump#69, Sep '73, Star, ID. Me with watermelon, Pete Hill closing, and Herbie Gibson close behind. This was my first Paracommander jump. The rig is borrowed, maybe from Ron Gulley. Photo: Crazy Ed Pancoast
    Devil Babies 4-way team. Jump#815, Sep '76, Athol, ID. A promo shot before we went to the World Cup in South Africa.
    Tail- Emmett Florea, Left wing- Brad Dunkin, Right wing- Randy Houck, Point- Me. Photo: Joel Anderson
    World Cup, Oudtshoorn, South Africa, October 1976
    Devil Babies 4-way team. At the World Cup in South Africa. Photo: Peter Boetgenbach
    Sharing my jumpsuit with Evelyn, a member of the French 4-woman team. Yes, we were both completely zipped up in it.
    Baby Up 8-way team. At the World Cup. The name is a combination of Devil Babies and Team Up, 4-way team names (top, L-R) Dave Singer, Jim Booth, BJ Worth, Mike Gennis, Curt Curtis. (bot, L-R) Brad Dunkin, Jeff Wragg, Randy Houck, Emmett Florea
    Getting pied after my 1000th jump, 30 April 1978. The load was out of our Twin Beech (D-18) from 9,000 feet. We made a 9-way facing diamond with me point.
    Idaho 20-way, Athol, Idaho, September 1978. Jump#1090.
    Tesseract 4-way team getting the gold at the 1979 US Nationals. Brad Dunkin, John Culler, Emmett Florea, Ron Urton, and me. Photo: Lynn Florea
    The competition was out of C-182's and used ground-based video judging. Dirtdiving in Athol, Idaho, June 1978. Photo: Ted Idlof. After the Last round at the 78 Nationals, Richmond, Indiana. Photo: Ted Idlof
    Jumpsuit used in winning the 1978/79 Nationals 4-way competition.
    The 1979 Divepool, page 1, page 2, and page 3.
    The US team delegation to the World Meet, Chateauroux, France, 1979
    Tesseract team photo at the World Meet in 1979. Team photo at the practice site in La Ferte Gauche in France, 1979
    Stealth Canopy, bi-modal airfoil, 160 ft2 made out of really weak fabric, since it was cheap, and I wanted to experiment with more radical canopy design features. I jumped it once, the day Mt. St. Helens blew up. We jumped in Moscow, ID (Actually closer to Pullman, WA). During climb out we could easily see the huge "wrath of god" cloud of ash, highlighted with lightning. The FAA called us on the radio and said "you shouldn't be up there..." so we jumped. I got a nice stand-up landing in a front yard. Serious ash fall started shortly after we landed.
    Critical Mass 4-way team in an accordian and a bow. Wayne Page, Scott Weed, Keith Rudd, and me. Photos: Keith Wilbur
    Gravity Bomb 10-way team in a Wright Flyer. Photo: Barry Chase.
    2000th jump. 11 May '03, St. George, SC. A mystery dive I organized. I'm in red. It was also Keith Rudd's 1000th jump (he's catting me)
    Others: Wayne Page, Scott Weed, Rich Whitney, Kami Price, Marie Rudd, and Don Lee
    photo: Dale "Freak" Michaels
    42-way at Skydive Carolina in Chester, SC, Halloween 2003. Photo: Terry Hopkins
    My friends at the Harvest Moon Boogie, in October 2005. Photo: Cajones

    Me under my Pilot 168 canopy in St. George, SC.

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