Guidelines for the Physics 331 Paper

1. The paper should cover a topic relevant to modern physics. Submit your topic to me for approval.

2. The body of the paper will be at least 1500 words long, not counting title page stuff and references.

3. The format is flexible. It must be logical, generally consistent with scientific literature, and readable. LaTeX is encouraged, but not mandated.

4. The content must be at a suitable technical/scientific level. No "Readers Digest" articles. Don't write over your head either though.

5. Everything counts - content, organization, spelling, punctuation, grammar, style....

6. About two weeks prior to the paper's due date you will submit a draft to me. The draft is expected to be at least half as long as the final version.

7. The paper is due, in final form, when you give your talk.

    Paper Grading Criteria
  1. Professional appearance
  2. Introduction that grabs reader's attention and sets up your argument
  3. Thesis that focuses your stance and argument
  4. Organization that builds your argument
  5. Development that combines your opinions, knowledge and experience with details from the literature. Demonstrate your understanding of the material.
  6. Suitable illustrations
  7. A conclusion that goes beyond a summary
  8. Readability

The overall grade is assigned based on a holistic reading. There are no specific points per task or error.

    Talk Criteria
  1. It must be appropriate to the audience (i.e., the class, not the teacher)
  2. It should be 7-9 minutes long. Going over or under your allotted time is a serious mistake.
  3. Beamer, Powerdot, PowerPoint, or some other professional computer-aided presentation tool is required.
  4. Professional appearance

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