Physics 111, General Physics I
MWF 12:30-1:20, Spring 2016
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Dr. Jeff Wragg ("dw")
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You may purchase lab manuals at Sas-E ink. It is located at 219 Calhoun St. between Pitt and Smith streets, close to Norm's Pizza.

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Fundamentals of Physics Extended, 10th Ed. by Halliday, Resnick and Walker, published by John Wiley & Sons. You can get the e-book, loose-leaf version (to put in a binder), or hardcover. The bookstore will probably have both the loose-leaf and the Volume 1 options in stock.
We will NOT be using the WileyPLUS service.

For phys111, strictly speaking, the option below will be fine as we will be covering chapters 1-20 in phys111. It doesn't seem an economical option if you will take both 111 and 112 though. It is your call.

Tentative Schedule (To be updated)
Labs begin the first week. Details, homework assignments and test dates may change somewhat. Of course the final exam date and time is written in stone by the College.

DateItem Homework Problems
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Notes, Sims and Resources
Friday, 8 January Chap 1, Measurement First Labs M&T, 11-12 Jan Look over Chap 1 before class
  Chap 2, Straight line motion Ch 2: 2,5,11,15,18,19,

Chap 3, Vectors Ch 3: 2,3,8,10,15,

18 January
MLK Day - No class

  Chap 4, 2-D and 3-D Motion Ch 4: 3,5,8,12,16,21,26,28,

  Chap 5, Force and Motion I Ch 5: 1,4,13,14,17,
  Chap 6, Force and Motion II Ch 6: 1,2,10,14,36,
10 Feb
Test 1, Chaps 1-5  
  Chap 7, Kinetic Energy and Work Ch 7: 3,4,9,15,19,27,

  Chap 8, Potential Energy... Ch 8: 2,6,12,20,24,39,42,48,57 
  Chap 9, Momentum Ch 9: 1,3,11,13,18,23,

  Chap 10, Rotation Ch 10: 1,4,9,18,20,33,

7-11 March
Spring Break

  Chap 11, Angular Momentum Ch 11: 2,3,7,10,21,28,


  Chap 12, Equilibrium and Elasticity Ch 12: 3,10,11,13,

18 March
Test 2, Chaps 6-11

18 March 2016
Last day to Withdraw with a "W"
(not that I want you to)

  Chap 13, Gravitation Ch 13: 1,4,5,6,13,

  Chap 14, Fluids Ch 14: 2,3,8,19,26,

  Chap 15, Oscillations Ch 15: 1,2,3,14,21,28,30,

  Chap 16, Waves-I Ch 16: 2,4,15,17,41,52 

  Chap 17, Waves-II Ch 17: 5,6,7,11,19,25,31,
13 April
Test 3, Chaps 12-17

  Chap 18, Thermodynamics Ch 18: 4,5,9,10,23,25,40,51 
  Chap 19, Kinetic Theory of Gases Ch 19: 18,19,21,29,35 
  Chap 20, Entropy Ch 20: 6,23,24,27,30 
20 April 2016
Our Last Class

Final Exam Review!

Monday, 25 April 2016
Final Exam!


There are other sources of help with the material (besides me of course).

Syllabus Fine Print


Physics is a field in which we attempt to describe, explain and predict how things happen. A law in physics is a concise summary of a broad collection of observations. The primary tools in physics are observation and mathematics. The latter allows us to make simple yet concise statements of physical law. Our simple mathematical statements of law become a vehicle for precisely predicting the behavior of the physical world we live in. It is also important to be able to use words to describe and predict the behavior of systems.

If you have a question, please ask it. If you have a comment, please make it. Even an anonymous note under my door or in my mailbox is fine. Communication is the essence of the classroom experience. I am pleased to see you any time you can find me. I encourage you to use email, although it is tough to give detailed help with problems via email.

Assumed Knowledge
You should be very comfortable with algebra, trigonometry, graphs and their interpretation, and at the least be in calculus-I now. Math is a skill needed in the modern world outside of physics. Do the Math exercises I sent you. Feel free to talk with me about it if you have concerns.

Study Chapter 1 before our first class.

Here is an article, "
Learning at the University Level," that I hope will give you a sense of some aspects of the learning philosophy I hope we can all embrace. I expect you to have studied the relevant material for each day, such that you could answer simple questions about the material before it is presented in class. Assume that I may give you a short quiz at any time to help motivate you to be prepared for class. The best advice I can give you is come to every class, participate, take good notes, read the book, do the problems and keep up. The most common, and perhaps the deadliest habit is to postpone your assault of the material.

Bring your calculator every day!

Attendance and participation is critical to the learning process and an integral part of this course. In general, I believe that absence is its own punishment, that is, you miss things you can't possibly get by going over a classmate's notes. You are responsible for material covered that day. There are things we do that are not in the book, and there is a lot of information in the book we do not cover. Contact one of your classmates for the notes. Failure to attend class on the day an assignment is assigned or due does not mean that you may turn in a late assignment without penalty. There are certain aspects of the course for which the information can be obtained only in class, thus, a student who misses class will miss material they will need on quizzes and tests. There will be no makeup quizzes. If you have a medical or personal issue please follow the process below to get it documented. After I get notified by the Student Affairs Office I will judge whether you get an excused miss or a zero for the late or missed material.

To document an absence for any class

Each student who attends class is expected to participate in a positive manner. This means being on time (so as not to disturb the learning of others) and making positive contributions to the learning environment. Students who disturb others will be asked to leave.

I keep daily attendance sheets which you will initial in class. These sheets are used to identify problem attendance patterns, and may be used to help me make decisions in borderline cases when I am assigning final grades.

Use the techniques of integral and differential calculus to: -Use kinematic equations to study translational and rotational motion - Apply Newton’s Law for translational and rotational motion -Demonstrate conservation laws related to energy and momentum - Apply laws of physics to fluids - Investigate fundamental laws and concepts of thermodynamics - Demonstrate an understanding of the basic phenomena/concepts of waves and simple harmonic motion -Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills -Demonstrate the ability to relate physics concepts to other discipline

You have responsibilities to yourselves, your classmates and me. One responsibility is to be to class every day and on time. Another responsibility is to keep up with the pace of the class. Do not think it is my responsibility to teach you. IT IS NOT. It is my job to create an environment and situations in which you can teach yourself. This course is organized by the above goals and objectives in order to achieve this end. The goal of education is to empower the individual student to be self-taught. I can't really do this for you, but I can help a lot.

Homework and Quizzes
To learn, you must do. Listening closely in class, even though I am a mesmerizing speaker, is only a prelude to doing problems on your own. I assign homework problems from each chapter. You should attack the homework promptly as we cover the material. I assign relevant problems, but you are encouraged to do others as you identify your needs. Also, it would be very wise of you to invest time in the conceptual questions at the end of each chapter. They are a good skill builder and self evaluation tool. I am willing to go over homework problems in class, and often will, even without being asked. If you keep up on your reading, and homework, and are attentive in class you should be fine on quizzes. I usually give quizzes at the end of the class period. Make-up quizzes are not given. I will throw out the lowest quiz score.

We will have three mid-term tests plus the final exam. The final exam will be comprehensive and include material covered beyond test #3. My tests tend to require you to solve problems, draw or interpret graphs, make sketches, and provide explanations. I generally do not have multiple choice or true/false questions, although they are somewhat more likely on the final exam. I will provide equations for quizzes. You will provide the knowledge to use them. For the tests you will be allowed to bring notes written on one side of a standard (8 1/2 X 11 inch) sheet of paper. You can write anything you want on it–EXCEPT no worked problems. I will collect those sheets with with each test and you will use them for the final exam. If you question your score on an exam you must bring it to my attention within 24 hours after the graded exams were handed out in class.

Calculators may be prohibited for use on quizzes and exams without notice. This is not a cause for panic. The math will be simpler to accommodate the lack of a calculator. It is also possible that you may be provided with another calculator at any time. It is expected that you do not have your calculator programmed such as to give you an unfair advantage on tests and quizzes.

FINAL EXAM: Monday, 25 April, 12:00-3:00. If you have a problem with the final exam schedule, please read further.

There are rules on how to deal with conflicts or if you have too many finals in too short a period of time. We can work out an alternative time if and only if you satisfy the rules the Registrar has established. The rules are you can get it changed when [a] two or more exams are scheduled simultaneously, or [b] you have three examinations within a 24-hour period. Permission to reschedule one exam may be obtained from the Registrar with written permission of the instructor. THIS PERMISSION MUST BE OBTAINED PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF THE EXAM PERIOD.

I cannot consider alternate times unless the Registrar's Office has approved your request. If you need to request a change in final exams go to "Request to Change Final Exam" form on line. Your request must be submitted BEFORE finals start!!!!!

There are limits on when it can be rescheduled, because I can't just do five of them at five different times. So please get your paperwork together, and I can coordinate them and get an alternative time and place scheduled.

I will give you specific letter grade on each test, so you should always have a pretty good idea where you stand. You must pass the final exam to pass the course. I encourage you to see me at any time for my assessment of your work.

Quizzes 15%
3 Tests 50%
Final Exam 35%
100% of course grade

Disposal of submitted work
I will dispose of old, unclaimed quizzes and tests about a month into the next semester, so if you want them, please contact me. Final exams I keep for a couple of years, but you can look at them if you want.

General Education Information