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Chapter 21: The additional problems handed out, calling the circuits (A), (B) and (C) clockwise from the top
For Resistors
(A) Req=8.75 Ω total power P=9.26 W, I=1.03 A
     Note: R2 and R3 are parallel, then R23 is series with R1
(B) Req=3.58 Ω total power P=22.6 W, I=2.52 A
     Note: R3, R2, R4 are parallel , then R324is series with R2 ...
(C) Req=3.27 Ω total power P=24.8 W, I=2.75 A

If instead they are capacitors

(A) Ceq=3.81 μF, Q=34.3 μC, E=1.54 x 10-4 J
(B) Ceq=12.06 μF, Q=108 μC, E=4.88 x 10-4 J
(C) Ceq=12.8 μF, Q=115 μC, E=5.2 x 10-4 J

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