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Long Fei in China - 2009

I returned to China for the fourth time from 28 May to 3 July of 2009. I spent about ten days in Chongqing, visiting many friends and former students. Then I spent about ten days in Fuling, visiting the two campuses of Yangtze Normal University— the old campus in Fuling, and the new one in Lidu, about thirty minutes west. I visited the hamlet of Zhenjia, a couple of hours up into the mountains from Pengshui, then Wulong, where my good friend Zhou Yang and her husband live. After that I went to Mingjia, visiting the school and my friends Li Hua and Wang Qin. Finally I went to visit my friend Hoking, who works just north of Jixian (about 80 km east of Beijing) at the 假日山庄 (jia4 ri4 shan1 zhuang1), Holiday Mountain Manor, on the extremely scenic Panshan mountain.

A panorama from the balcony of my room at the Holiday Mountain Manor on Mt. Panshan, Jixian, China. Holiday Hotel panorama

More Photo Memories

      Near a farm I visited in Mingjia, China.
      Mingjia Farm panorama

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