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Long Fei in China - 2008

I returned to China for the third time from mid-May to mid-June of 2008, primarily to visit Yangtze Normal University, where I taught in 2006, and my many friends and students. I spent time in Beijing, Fuling, Zhu Fo, Ming Jia, and Chongqing. Zhu Fo and Ming Jia are very small places, where two of my former students are now teachers. The mood of the trip was heavily influenced by the terrible earthquake that hit Sichuan province on 12 May, and was felt strongly in the vicinity of Fuling and the university.

A panorama out my host's balcony showing the hill and the school (in the mist on the left) in Zhu Fo, China. Zhu fo panorama

More Photo Memories

      A happy lunch at the home of some friends in Ming Jia, China.
      Lunch in Ming Jia

updated: 5 March 2015