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Long Fei on Sabbatical in China - 2006

The primary purpose of my trip to China in 2006 was a sabbatical to foster connections between the CofC and China, especially with Fuling Normal University. I went with a teaching group that was going to be in China during July, to teach American English and customs to Chinese students. I spent a couple of weeks in Fuling during July, teaching some great young students. Then my three Fuling compatriots and I rejoined the larger group in Chongqing, went to Xi'an for a bit of touring, and I headed back to Chongqing and Fuling.

The basic flow of the trip was:
  • Arrive in Beijing, 4 July, spend a couple of days there
  • Fly to Chongqing, then four of us take a bus to Fuling
  • Stay in Fuling for about two weeks, teaching kids American language and customs
  • Rejoin with the group teaching in Chongqing, and tour for a few days
  • Leave the group in Xi'an, and on my own until September
  • Teaching at Yangtze Normal University (formerly Fuling NU) in Fuling, China, September-December

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