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CofC China Trip - Summer 2005

A group of CofC educators and some of their friends went to China to give some American English and customs education to Chinese students and teachers. Below is a picture of my wonderful class of students we spent 10 days with in Dazu, China. They gave me my Chinese name, characters, Long Fei, which means flying dragon.

The basic flow of the trip was:
  • Arrive in Beijing, 1 July, spend a couple of days there
  • Fly to Chongqing, then take a bus to Dazu
  • Stay in Dazu for 10 days, teaching kids American language and customs
  • Go to Chongqing for 10 days, working with English teachers
  • Go to Chengdu, and its environs for about a week
  • Take a train from Chengdu to Beijing, and then fly home

My students in Dazu --

Dazu Class

And here is a t-shirt that they signed --


And some of the teachers --


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