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China 2005 - 2015

Map of China

My Chinese name is 龙飞, Long Fei, which means flying dragon. It was given to me by my students in Dazu in July 2005.

I have been to China ten times.

May - July 2016, Shanghai, Xinxiang, Chengdu, Fuling, Haikou, and Hangzhou. I visited friends in several places, some former exchange students in beautiful Hangzhou, and I taught a short course in the physics department at Fudan University in Shanghai.

May - July 2015, Shanghai, Yangzhou, Xinxiang, Chengdu, Chongqing, Fuling, Kunming, Haikou, and Suzhou. I visited many friends, and made some new ones. As I did last year, I taught a short course in the physics department at Fudan University.

May - July 2014, Chongqing, Fuling, Guizhou, Kaili, Kunming, Haikou, Sanya, Shantou, Yangzhou, and Shanghai. Of course there were several smaller destinations too. The first couple of weeks I was the guide for my sister's family, intrepid travelers all. Then I visited a series of friends, and ended up in Shanghai, at Fudan University, teaching a short summer course in the physics department. It was a great experience with my students and new friends. The visual memories in each place I visited are very strong.

May - June 2013, Chongqing, Fuling, Lidu, Wulong, Chengdu, Longquan,and Kunming. I saw the coolest building ever, the Guotai Arts Center, in Chongqing. A closer-up photo I took. I visited some middle school and high school classrooms, and an English class at Yangtze Normal University. Met many new friends at Chengdu Aeronautical Vocational and Technical College. My first time to Kunming was a great pleasure, as I got to see old and new friends and spoke to parents about college here for their kids.

May - June 2012, Wuhan, Chongqing, Fuling, Wulong, Da Nian Fang (a very small Miao village in Guizhou), Chengdu, PengZhou (a small village) and a few other places. I got to be a judge at a very fun English play competition at YZNU. Met many new friends at Sichuan Agricultural University. Overall it was a happy time to see old friends. Wish I could have stayed longer. A photo of me in traditional Miao garb.

May - June 2010, just Fuling this time. Mostly I taught some classes to students at YZNU. Made some new friends. Wish I could have stayed longer.

May - July 2009, Chongqing, Fuling, Longtan, Zhenjia, Wulong, Mingjia, and Jixian. Another pleasure trip, to see my friends and students, visit several schools, and attend the graduation of many of my students at YZNU.

May - June 2008, Fuling and elsewhere, China. This was really a pleasure trip, to see my friends and students, and visit a couple of small communities where my former students are now teachers.

July - December 2006, Fuling, China. This trip started like the trip in 2005, me along with a group of teachers. The rest of the group went home at the end of July, but I stayed on to visit some friends from last year and then to teach at Fuling Normal University for the fall. Fuling is on the Yangtze River, at the junction with the Wu River, a couple of hours by bus downstream along the Yangzte from the big city of Chongqing. By the end of my time there the name of the university had changed to Yangtze Normal University.

July 2005, Dazu and Chongqing, China. A group of CofC educators and some of their friends went to China that summer. Our primary purpose was to give some American English and customs education to Chinese students and English teachers. We spent ten great days with some wonderful students in Dazu, China. Then we went to Chongqing and worked with a great group of English teachers.

updated: 15 Nov 2016