The Black Company

Map of The North
modified 23 Sept 99
Map of The South
modified 13 Sept 99
Map of The Deep South
First posted 30 July 99

Glen Cook's fantasy series about the Black Company, published by Tor Books, has enjoyed a steadily growing reputation since the publication of its first volume in 1984. Currently encompassing eleven books, the series continues to garner a loyal following. The complex geography of the tale fairly cries out for maps (to me at least), so here are my efforts to help clarify the world of the Black Company

Big thanks to Phil Jackson for the improved artwork on the maps of the north and south. Thanks also to Eldon the Seer for the badge image above.

Some places are only vaguely located by the texts, and I have tried not to violate reasonable interpretation, both my own and those of correspondents. The major uncertainty is in the placement of Elm, for which the text seems contradictory. I have the arguments put forth by readers on both sides, and my notes and Elm is where it is, because it can't be in two places.

Please email me at if you have comments or suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you, especially if you are the real Glen Cook.

Special thanks to the following people for thought provoking comments and suggestions: John Adkins, Eldon the Seer, Reese Corley, Mack Perry, Bill Costello, Richard Schubert, Bill Acuff, Nick Federici, Gavin Lewington, Peter Dell'Orto, and Joshua G. Peery.

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