Dr. Wragg's Electron Microscopy

Spring 2008, Thursday 3:00-6:00, rooms 338 Ltsy (lecture) and 134 RSS (lab)

Office: 203B Bell Bldg.
Phone: (843) 953-5781
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We have a Hitachi TM-1000 scanning electron microscope, funded by a grant from the National Science foundation (Award No. EEC-0634142). The instrument is in room 134 RSS. It will be used by physics students and faculty for research and instruction. Students and faculty in other disciplines will also be using it.

This course will be a project-oriented introduction to electron microscopy. It is appropriate for physics, geology and biology students, and others too. After a brief introduction to the instrument each student will get certified to be a solo operator. Then students will do individual projects utilizing the microscope. The projects are expected to be relevant to their interests and field of study.

The scheduled time for the class is nominal. Most of the time will be individual project time, scheduled at nearly any time of the week, at the convenience of the student and subject to availability of the instrument.

Anticipate doing at least two projects, each accompanied by a brief (say, 5-10 minute) presentation to the rest of the class. The presentation will emphasize presentation skills that are useful to you professionally. The presentations will include oral and visual components, and you will hone skills relating to preparing and presenting image-based information to technical audiences in your field.

There will be a small number of homework-type exercises to facilitate your work and help you learn some image processing relevant to the field.

Final oral presentations: 4:00 pm, Thursday, 1 May. Make it professional, and 8-10 minutes long. PowerPoint or some other suitable electronic presentation.


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